The Anonymous Whois List provides a list of domains that are using a private or anonymous whois service. This is an informational list, not a blacklist. Use of this list as a blacklist is foolish and we will not be held responsible for blocked mail.

Currently, there are domains listed.

If you feel there are any errors in this data or know of some services or domains that we have missed then please tell us.


December 28, 2009 - Rsync access now available
We are currently making a SQLite and TokyoCabinet file available of our data. The data can be pulled via rsync from rsync:// The database is updated once every day so please don't check for updates more often than that.

September 23, 2009 - Service Launched
Since is no longer running, the people at have launched as a drop-in replacement. The result codes are the same as what used but the data is being rebuilt from scratch. We expect the service to be just as effective within the next few weeks while the whois data is processed. Learn how to use this new service on our usage page.

Note: has no connection to or any of the former maintainers of that service.